Brainstorm Health: HIV Data Leak, Global Syndemic, Insys Founder Trial

Image result for Brainstorm Health: HIV Data Leak, Global Syndemic, Insys Founder TrialOne of this year’s biggest health data breaches was reportedly linked to an American citizen—and didn’t even occur in this country, according to Bloomberg.

More than 14,000 people with HIV, and 2,400 of their contacts, were reportedly “illegally disclosed online” in Singapore as part of a cyber attack the health ministry says was perpetrated by U.S. citizen Mikhy Farrera Brochez.

“While access to the confidential information has been disabled, it is still in the possession of the unauthorized person, and could still be publicly disclosed in the future,” the Singaporean health ministry said in a statement.

One of the most troubling aspects of this particular attack is the extent of its maliciousness. Farrera Brochez, a convicted felon who was deported from Singapore, likely understood the consequences of revealing patients’ HIV statuses in a conservative region.

While this particular crime took place thousands of miles away, the reality of digital delinquency has no borders. And, as we’ve covered ad nauseum in this space, health care is one of the most tantalizing targets for cyber criminals.

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