Celeb Travel–Meghana Kaushik, Actor

Image result for Celeb Travel–Meghana Kaushik, Actor“My mom is my best travel pal”

Travel plan: I like to do my homework before I set out to explore a place. I love culture and adventure. I prefer to travel either alone or with my mom, who is literally my best friend. We talk about everything under the sun. And I love to see the impact travel has on her – how it amazes her or fills her with glee like a baby.

Travel style: I love homestays as it gives me a chance to experience the local lifestyle first hand. I am happy to travel in basic jeans, ganji and sneakers. Also, I love spending time in museums, galleries, food markets, plantations and marvel at good architecture.

Food while travelling: Both Mom and I love to eat, though mostly vegan. I occasionally have fish or chicken. I love fruits and you get a great variety in Europe. Since we both love sweets, we pig out on desserts and gelatos.

Must-pack items: No matter which part of the world you are going to, a pair of comfortable shoes go a long way. Literally. Top that with a cool pair of shades and a light backpack. I have curly hair so I definitely pack all my hair products; a light jacket in case it gets cold and a box of basic meds.

Travel lesson you have learnt: The golden rule of travel is to travel light. I have learned this the hard way. I once paid an exorbitant amount for a bag of clothes which I never really wore.

Travel gear: A flirty dress on standby for a special occasion. I love bold, solid colours that I can mix and match. I love boots, so I definitely carry one pair when I travel and then I always end up buying more. Of course, also a nice sling bag that goes with most of my outfits. Keep it basic yet stylish.

Travel goals: Masai Mara, Ireland, Australia, Madagascar, the Amazon, and deep sea diving with the sharks!

Travel pet peeves: I hate delayed or long flights. It’s so exhausting. I can’t wait to make enough money so I can just get a private jet.


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