Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Best Recovery Gifts for Athletes

Young woman runningGetty

Shopping for triathletes, runners, power lifters and other super active friends and relatives can be a challenge. So we’re thinking that due to their pedal to the metal lifestyle of improving race times and constantly pushing to get stronger, they might really appreciate a gift that encourages a little self-care in between workouts. Because, after all, it takes smart recovery to get stronger and faster.

Kush Queen Relief Bath BombSource: Kush Queen

Kush Queen Relieve CBD Bath Bomb

Show me an athlete and I’ll show you a bath-lover. Hot baths are high on the list of recovery activities prescribed by trainers to soothe tired muscles and relax the body. Your athlete may be perfectly content with a bag of epsom salt from the local drugstore, but for a special holiday treat help up their bath game with a CBD- and essential oil-infused Relieve bath bomb from Kush Queen.

One-on-one stretch services at Stretch*dSource: Stretch*d

Stretch Studio Visit

Most of us know the importance of stretching after a workout to prevent muscles from tightening and shortening, but somehow nearly none of us stretch deeply or long enough. Which is why a gift card to a stretch studio like Stretch*d in New York or Stretch Lab in LA (or Massage Envy anywhere in between – where they now offer a stretch service) is a perfect treat.


Infrared saunasSource: Sunlighten

Infrared Sauna

Sweat studios are trending in big fitness markets like Los Angeles and New York. While those looking to go big and really impress can gift an entire home sauna system from Sunlighten, a more practical approach may be gifting a gift card to a local sweat studio that uses these industry leading saunas, like HotBox in LA or Shape House in New York.


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