Social media do’s and don’ts for job seekers


Social media can be a helpful tool in finding a job. Platforms like Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and the like can not only help you find a job but also connect you the right people. However, your presence on social media can help or hinder your chances of snagging a good job and there are etiquette rules you need to follow. Here are the do’s and don’ts of social media usage.

  • Dos

1. Google search yourself 
Do it before applying for a job as this will throw up unlikely pictures or content you could have missed out on. Carry out a hygiene check and get rid of unprofessional text or photos.

2. Join groups & communities 
Head hunters cull out candidates from groups on Linkedin or Twitter. So join relevant groups and participate in industry conversations to showcase your knowledge.

3. Follow main players 
These can be leaders in your field or dream companies. Re-post their content occasionally or make insightful remarks, but don’t stalk them.

4. Put up a professional picture 
Have the latest, clear, high-resolution, professional picture to go with your profile on sites like Linkedin. Don’t put up a party or holiday photo.

  • Don’ts

1. Don’t be inconsistent 
Update your online profile and ensure there is no factual mismatch between the information on site and the hard copy of your resume.

2. Don’t badmouth 
Never talk ill of your past or current employers and colleagues on any social media site. It’s the quickest way to end your job search.

3. Don’t be offensive 
The easiest way to get fired is to post racist, sexist or politically offensive content. Also, don’t put up too many posts, which will convey you are way too idle.

4. No unprofessional pictures
Check the privacy setting for past pictures on Instagram and Facebook. Go to ‘Time & Tagging’ and review who can see your posts and pictures.


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