Guy proposes to girlfriend. Drops ring in gutter. New York Police tracks him down and saves the day

This guy mistakenly dropped the ring in a gutter while proposing to his girlfriend.

Nothing can come in between of you and your happiness when your love is true. And what happened to this couple in New York just proved it.

A man proposing to his girlfriend at the famous Times Square in New York was in for a rude shock when the ring slipped from his finger accidentally and fell into the gutter right below his feet.

The man tried a little bit to extract the ring out of the gutter but unfortunately couldn’t, so the upset couple just went their way and forgot about the ring.

The entire scene was captured in a CCTV footage by a camera installed nearby. The New York Police Department aka NYPD got hold of that video and immediately got into action. They extracted the ring out of the gutter and then began the real challenge.

They posted the video on their Twitter page and asked people to recognize the couple if they could, because the couple had not filed any request with the police.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. 4 reasons to never skip it

Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal,Breakfast,Benefits Of Breakfast

Know someone who’s the first one to get on a fad diet? Whether it is intermittent fasting, low carb, high fat, and no carbs at night – you name it and they are the first ones to try it. Well, that person is me.

I feel like I have been on this perennial quest to find out what’s healthy eating really like? With exercise, it is pretty easy. Workout, burn calories and follow a routine that you love. But with food and nutrition, there are way too many options, aspects to consider and obviously not enough clinical evidence of what works.

But if there’s one thing that I’ve realised (after many mistakes) is that breakfast is the indeed the most important meal of the day. You may hear of people who like to skip it or people who can survive on a bowl of fruits, but an ideal breakfast is a lot more than that. When you skip breakfast a number of things happen to your body.

Low energy

Skipping breakfast may work for you for a day, but it is not a sustainable choice. A good breakfast gives you that much needed fuel to function through the day. By skipping it, you’ll likely suffer from a drop in energy – if not on day 1, but definitely by day 7.


For people following intermittent fasting for weight loss, skipping breakfast helps to maintain their fasting window without compromising on an evening out. But according to a study, when you skip breakfast you’re low on energy and are more likely to crave for fatty foods and crave sugar.

Mood swings

Hangry is indeed a real condition. Opting to not eat breakfast can make you irritable. And if you pick coffee over breakfast to remedy that, you’ll end up with a caffeine high. But once it comes down, you’ll again experience moodiness.


Skipping breakfast can lead to slower metabolism. According to a study, skipping breakfast can increase inflammation. In fact, skipping breakfast or dinner can both have adverse effects.


Leverage The Tight Job Market To Benefit You And Your Career

Related imageThe August 2018 Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs’ report tells us a lot of things about the economy. It shows that unemployment remained low at 3.9%, and – this time – we learned that, in addition to the 201,000 jobs which were added, year-over-year wage growth rose slightly from 2.7% to 2.9%. The average worker finally saw a pay increase, albeit a rather small one, of 10 cents on the hour.

As small as this wage increase is, it does matter. It shows that the job market has tightened significantly, and a tight job market tends to motivate employers to pay workers more. They won’t do this out of the goodness of their hearts. They will do this to compete for top talent, and they will do this to retain their best workers who have become dissatisfied after earning less than they feel they deserve for far too long.

Low unemployment combined with the newly reported wage growth indicates that the tide is turning to your benefit. The stage is set for you to experience a big win in a market where job openings outnumber job seekers as reported in The Wall Street Journal. Dissatisfied workers can win, and astute job seekers (those who know how best to leverage this market) can win most of all.

Photo Courtesy: Getty

You have more power in this tight job market; use it to job hop your way to a raise or negotiate your way into a promotion.

Job Hop Your Way to a Raise

Even though unemployment has been decreasing since the years of the Great Recession, wages weren’t increasing, and low wages have been a leading factor for ongoing dissatisfaction in the workplace. The October 2017 Mind The Workplace report found that a whopping 71% of employees were actively looking for new work or thinking about leaving their jobs. The study surveyed more than 17,000 employees across 19 different industries in the United States and concluded that the number one reason stated for workplace dissatisfaction was low wages.

Recent data indicates that many of you can give yourself a raise by simply switching jobs – by voluntarily hopping from one job to another.

Do the following to set yourself up for success:

  1. If you like your current job and have data to support your belief that you are being paid less than the market rate for the work you deliver, first ask your current employer for a raise, and be sure to take your data with you.
  2. Be prepared to substantiate your good performance and present how you are meeting or exceeding current performance expectations and goals. You may need to communicate this information to your current employer or to a new one if you are unsuccessful at getting the raise you ask for with your current employer.
  3. Prepare yourself for rejection and remember it’s not personal. Get mentally prepared to resign your position if you have to. Understand that you are in the driver’s seat, but you have to be willing to search out new or alternate opportunities, and you need to show how you are uniquely skilled to deliver on organizational goals. In a tight job market, job seekers have more power because there are fewer skilled workers searching than there are available jobs.
  4. Read this article which details the risks involved with staying in the same job for too long and provides more understanding for how leaving your company can lead to higher pay and increase your long-term professional prospects.
  5. Get your resume, CV and/or portfolio updated and ensure all material presents you in the best way possible.

Negotiate Your Way to a Promotion

Often times you may want to compete for a new position or promotion but fear you won’t be competitive or even considered because you may not have some seemingly important aspect of the position specifications such as a college degree, a certification or enough experience. You come to believe that certain positions are out of reach for you due to lacking these qualifications. The tight job market is changing the landscape, and you should look again at any new or promotional positions of interest to you.

In a tight job market, employers become more willing to modify or adjust the qualifications for positions and even consider fewer years of work experience and reduced educational requirements to get you in the door and fill their jobs. To demonstrate this point, some employers have announced they are waiving college-degree requirements so they can expand the candidate pool and encourage more applications. On-the-job training is increasingly being viewed as a more timely way to achieve immediate workforce goals in this tight job market. Take advantage of this!

Do the following to set yourself up for success:

  1. Figure out where the demand is in the market and within your region. The latest job report shows that business and professional services and healthcare industries topped the list, among others.
  2. Build your brand and get professional exposure when and where you can. Seek out opportunities to volunteer, to speak, to write and to network.
  3. Take note of your transferable skills. Outline what you have done that you can transfer into a new job to help achieve organizational goals. Even if you don’t have a particular credential or degree, you do have transferable skills of value. You need to be able to identify what these are and why they should matter to the employer.
  4. Build up your confidence and submit your resume, CV and/or application for every position that interests you and you believe you can do; then develop your argument/proposal for why you are the one to do it regardless of how many years of experience you have or whether you have a degree at all. Remember, in this market, employers have fewer and fewer skilled and “qualified” people to choose from, and this is precisely why you have more room to negotiate your way in to a better job.
  5. Look at the position, the company and the culture and do what you can to establish a contact there. Use LinkedIn, Twitter, a recruiter, a friend and/or a letter.
  6. Find out what it really takes to be successful in the role and then leverage what you have going for yourself to negotiate the offer even when you don’t necessarily meet all the qualifications. Employers are not being as picky today. Use this to your benefit.

The iron is hot, and this tight job market should provide you all the courage you need to strike now.

If you want to leverage the tight job market, strike now and strike fast. This means you don’t want to wait to get started on the action items I have provided for you. David Payne with Kiplinger forecasts that job creation is likely hitting its peak and will soon decrease below 200,000 per month due to a scarcity of workers. This might mean that you likely have the most power that you will have for a long time right now.

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Terina Allen is a strategist, consultant, international speaker and the CEO of ARVis Institute, a management consulting, training and executive coaching firm.


This new therapy could boost the immune system’s ability to fight skin cancer

Skin cancer,Cancer,Skin cancer study

Scientists say they have identified a molecule that can be added to a cancer vaccine to boost the immune system’s ability to fight skin cancer.

A study, published in the journal PNAS, found that adding the molecule called Diprovocim to an existing vaccine can draw cancer-fighting cells to tumour sites.

Experiments in mice with melanoma suggest the therapy could increase chances of recovery in cases where a drug therapy alone is not working, researchers said.

Melanoma is a form of skin cancer that arises when pigment-producing cells – known as melanocytes – mutate and become cancerous.

“This co-therapy produced a complete response – a curative response – in the treatment of melanoma,” said Dale Boger, a professor at the Scripps Research Institute in the US.

The vaccine also prompts the immune system to fight tumour cells should they ever return, a capability that could prevent cancer recurrence, researchers said.

“Just as a vaccine can train the body to fight off external pathogens, this vaccine trains the immune system to go after the tumour,” Boger said.

Diprovocim works as an “adjuvant,” a molecule added to a vaccine to fire up the body’s immune response. The molecule is easy to synthesise in the lab and easy to modify, which makes it attractive for use in medicine.

The researchers tested the vaccine design on mice with a form of notoriously aggressive melanoma.

All mice in the experiment were given the anti-cancer therapy anti-PD-L1. The mice were then split into three group: eight received the cancer vaccine, eight received the cancer vaccine plus Diprovocim, and eight received the cancer vaccine plus an alternative adjuvant called alum.

The researchers observed a 100% survival rate over 54 days in the mice given the cancer vaccine and Diprovocim. This was in contrast to a zero per cent survival rate in mice given only the cancer vaccine and a 25% survival rate in mice given the cancer vaccine with alum.

“It was exciting to see the vaccine working simultaneously with a cancer immunotherapy like anti-PD-L1,” said Boger.

Further experiments showed that using Diprovocim as an adjuvant boosts the vaccine’s cancer-fighting potential by stimulating the immune system to make cells called tumour-infiltrating leukocytes.


Analysts: Jio to become 10th largest phone brand in the world

Reliance Jio is expected to become the 10th largest phone brand in the world, according to Digitimes Research, which predicts that 25-30 million Jio Phones will ship this year, all of them powered by the new Kai OS platform.

The original Jio Phone was unveiled in July last year and the carrier managed to ship 18 million units until the end of 2017. That’s just half a year of shipping and of just one model. It helped that carrier Reliance was offering the original Jio Phone effectively for free. Recently, the company launched a QWERTY-packing sequel, the Jio Phone 2.

KaiOS powers other feature phones as well, including the likes of the Nokia 8110 4G. TCL is selling Kai OS phones too, under the alcatel brand (licensed from Nokia).

Digitimes believe that the platform will continue to rise in popularity in emerging markets and could conquer 3% of the global OS market in 2019. Last year, feature phones outpaced smartphone growth, Jio even beat Apple in overall phone market share.

Kai (a Firefox OS) was designed to provide smartphone-like functionality, including Google Maps and Assistant without requiring the advanced hardware to run something as complex as Android.


dbrand is gearing up for the OnePlus 6T release

If you are into protective gear for smartphones, the chances are you’ve heard about dbrand skins. And even though the OnePlus 6T isn’t out yet, the company is already offering its customizable kits for the handset ahead of the official launch on Monday.

dbrand is gearing up for the OnePlus 6T release

The OnePlus 6 had a serious issue with the grip and dbrand knows that. Going by the latest rumors, the phone will be available in new colors but the main ones from earlier this year – Midnight Black and Mirror Black are here to stay for the OnePlus 6T. This means that the latter will be just as slippery as its predecessor so dbrand doesn’t waste any time. You can check them out at the source link below.


Samsung Galaxy S10+ renders hit the web, 5G model demoed

The Samsung Galaxy S10’s development may be further ahead than we imagined – the company demoed a 5G-enabled prototype, even though that was supposed to be unveiled in March, a month after the 4G version.

Beyond that, the phone looks very much like the Galaxy S9 – no notches, no display holes. Just regular bezels. Here are some still shots of this prototype:

Alleged photos of a 5G-enabled Galaxy S10 prototype Alleged photos of a 5G-enabled Galaxy S10 prototype
Alleged photos of a 5G-enabled Galaxy S10 prototype

Next up are CAD-based renders of the Samsung Galaxy S10+, courtesy of @OnLeaks and 91Mobiles. There’s a dual selfie camera located in a hole in the screen, on the back is a triple camera arranged horizontally like on the Galaxy Note9.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ (unofficial CAD-based renders) Samsung Galaxy S10+ (unofficial CAD-based renders) Samsung Galaxy S10+ (unofficial CAD-based renders)
Samsung Galaxy S10+ (unofficial CAD-based renders)

The curved Super AMOLED screen was measured at 6.4” and there should be an in-display fingerprint reader (an ultrasonic one) hiding underneath. The whole phone measures 157.5 x 75.0 x 7.8mm and retains the 3.5mm jack and the bottom-firing speaker.

Triple camera 3.5mm headphone jack Dual selfie cam in a hole Card slot
Triple camera • 3.5mm headphone jack • Dual selfie cam in a hole • Card slot

Someone did an unboxing of a phone that alleges to be the Galaxy S10+. The back looks the same, but the front shows top and bottom bezels. You can watch this phone unboxed on video over at Weibo, but we warn you that the video has a surprise twist. Here are a few stills from the video:

Samsung Galaxy S10+ unboxing (maybe) Samsung Galaxy S10+ unboxing (maybe) Samsung Galaxy S10+ unboxing (maybe) Samsung Galaxy S10+ unboxing (maybe)
Samsung Galaxy S10+ unboxing (maybe)

The reported price range for the S10+ is CNY 7,000 – that’s a cool $1,000 – but we have some doubts as to the authenticity of this video.